A little bit more about Sycamore IT

Here at Sycamore IT we have combined IT experience of several decades. We have experience of a wide range of technologies and always keep up to date with current developments and software best practices. We can always advise of the most appropriate technology to solve your particular requirements.

We are a small family run enterprise based in rural Somerset, UK. We are available to support clients in the local vicinity and wider areas. We are always happy to travel to your place of work or your home to discuss your project. Even better, fancy discussing your requirements in your local over a pint ?

We like to speak your language

We can speak geek if required, but we pride ourselves on a plain no nonsense approach to dealing with our clients. That means we will not turn up in shiny suits and bombard you with jargon. We are approachable and explain things in a targetted fashion according to our audience. If you have extensive IT experience already we will engage with you on that basis. If however you have little or no IT experience, fear not, we will not talk down to you, we will help provide you with clear and concise explanations to everything you need.

Get in touch with us now and let's see how we can help you.

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