How we can help you

Let us bring our IT expertise to bear on your project.

Whether you need a simple one page site, a multi page site (like this one) or a full featured eCommerce solution with product catalogue and shopping cart, we can help you.

We are happy to work remotely but do prefer to meet our clients in person. In our experience face to face communication is always more effective and we and our clients get more out of the meeting. That said we can, if you prefer, get in contact via phone, email or a Skype call.

The design process

At the initial meeting we will take the time to introduce ourselves and to establish your requirements. We will take note of any thoughts you may have on the design of your site, including logos, colours, fonts, layout, pages required etc. We will then be in a position to give you some idea of the cost of your project and deliverable timescales. We will also talk about hosting options for your website and email. You may already have this in place of course.

We will then go away and build some mock ups which will hopefully be close to what you had in mind. If it is way off then tell us - design is an iterative process, we will keep tweaking until we get it how you want it. Ultimately it is your website and you must be completely happy with it before it goes live.

We will test your website on all the popular devices and browsers to make sure your clients will see your website at its best.

At the point you are happy to launch your site we will provide a go-live date to fit in with any associated marketing campaign you might want to run.

A little more about Hosting

Many clients will have already registered their domain name and have a hosting provider in place. That is brilliant, simply provide us access to your hosting environment so we can upload your website to your own provider.

Ongoing Support

After we have successfully launched your website, you're not on your own; we like to keep in close contact to see how things are going. At some stage you will want to make further changes, update details, launch new products - we will be there to help.

We will provide ongoing statistics so you know how many visitors your site has and where they're located.

Website hosts do occasionally experience outages, though thankfully rare, at least with the hosts we use. But we will be there to support you if anything untoward happens.

What does it cost ?

All projects are different, and all clients have different requirements, so pricing will vary. That said there are common themes between websites. As a rough guide the following pricing structure should be helpful:

As we say, no two projects are the same but we hope that these prices give you a comfortable idea, when planning your website, of the typical costs involved.

Other services

If you need us to include any photographic elements in your site, we are able to assist.

We can provide staff portraits (either senior management team or all staff), we can shoot photos of your premises or staff actively at work, to incorporate into your website. We can also assist in the production of photos for your online product catalogue.

Let us know what you need and we'll sort it for you.